Yonex V-Mass 270 Iron Review

Yonex is somewhat of an enigma when it comes to golf clubs. Most retailers would agree that Yonex makes a very good product but their sales continue to be low year after year and many consumers in North America are still unaware of the brand.


For years Yonex has been a leader in graphite shaft technology but with the V-Mass 270 they have produced a great all around golf club.


The 270 is one of those golf clubs that you can recommend for almost any caliber of golfer. It is a somewhat oversized head with an undercut cavity and added tungsten weights in the heel and toe. These features make it a very forgiving iron, with the ball flight coming off the face is high, straight and low spinning. The thin sole and top-line of the club help to make the 270 a more appealing iron to the stronger golfer as well as the recreational golfer. With the thin sole and unique grind, the iron is very playable from all sorts of lies. The head is constructed with SUS431 Semi Soft Steel to give it a smooth, solid feel and the tungsten weights add to the perimeter weighting increasing the MOI. The V-Mass 270 comes with the UL-Titanium graphite shaft. This is a phenomenal shaft for this iron.


The 270 iron is at a fairly reasonable price for the quality of craftsmanship put into the clubs. The biggest knock on any Yonex club is the lack of customer service. The custom options available are very limited and by not offering a steel shaft half of the market is lost right off the bat. Other than that I have never heard a complaint about these clubs. If you are looking for a club that is easy to hit but still looks like a traditional iron, the V-Mass 270 is definitely worth a try.


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap: 0 – 25


Ball Flight: Mid-High


Offset: Medium


Finish: Satin Chrome


Construction: SUS431 Semi Soft Steel


Shafts: UL-Titanium


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  1. I just got a set of yonex V mass 270 . Stiff Graphite. I’m using ping G20 irons regular graphite. I hit them well. But I’m tempted to try the Yonex irons. How do they compare? I hit 150meters my 7 iron.

    What’s your take on that?

    • Hey Maged – thanks for your comment. Just got the Yonex as a gift? Were they a re-gift, because these irons are nearly a decade old?? I’d say the G20’s would have an additional 10 years of tech put into them, but with irons that really isn’t true. While both likely can do the trick, the G20’s will be much more forgiving overall than the Yonex irons.

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