TaylorMade R7 425 Driver Review

The TaylorMade R7 Quad has been the hottest and most talked about driver in golf for the last two years. The driver was a huge success among better players because of its solid feel and the ability to customize ballflight. For 2006 TaylorMade has introduced the even better R7 425.


What The Company Says…


For the R7 425 TaylorMade has gone back to the drawing board and come up with a new head and a new shaft. The R7 425 is a 425 cc head that has 28 grams of movable weight. The increase in movable weights produces a wider range of ball flights than with the original R7 Quad. The larger head also has a higher MOI compared with the original R7 Quad and is much more forgiving on mis-hits.


The R7 425 also has a new Fujikura shaft called the REAX. The REAX shaft is designed to stay round throughout the entire swing with less ovalling. This increases shaft stability and promotes a greater energy transfer for more distance. Most agree that this new shaft is a huge upgrade over last year’s stock option… TaylorMade put a lot of time and effort into creating a quality stock shaft.


What Our Readers And Customers Say…


This driver has been a huge hit with the golfing public. The added forgiveness of the 425 makes this driver much more playable for golfers of all abilities. The head is very clean and sits just slightly closed at address. Many people we talk to say this is the perfect size for a driver… it’s big enough to be forgiving but compact enough to still look good.


The shaft and small head were the two biggest complaints with the original R7 Quad and TaylorMade has adressed both of those concerns with this club. Most golfers agree that the shaft is a huge improvement. The REAX shaft has a very solid feel and is both longer and more accurate than the original shaft. It is sometimes tough to explain the merits of a quality shaft to the average golfer but we’re hearing a lot of positive feedback from players. They like the REAX shaft and they say there is a noticeable difference in both performance and feel compared to other stock shafts.


And of course players love the ability to alter the weight in the head. This allows any player to customize the R7 425 to fit their ball flight. Additional weights are also becoming more readily available and golfers are now able to purchase extra weights to further customize their experience.


What We Say…


In todays world of golf equipment many companies are guilty of introducing new products just for the sake of it. That is not the case with the 425. This driver is an improvement over the R7 Quad in pretty much every conceivable way. It is more forgiving, longer, more consistent, feels better, and the increase in movable weights provides a greater range of shot types. The R7 425 is a great driver and should erase any questions over whether movable weight technology is a lasting innovation.


Overall Rating – 86% 

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