Titleist 804OS Iron Review

The Titleist 804 is an interesting iron. It's not really a game improvement iron… it lacks the extreme forgiveness and sole weighting that a high handicapper needs. It's not really a "player's iron" it has some offset, something that a good player doesn't want or need.


The 804OS features the same Forged Stainless technology that is found in the 704CB. Most people I talk to say that it is softer than your average cast club, but it is still much harder than most forged clubs. The top line and sole are both thin and the club is appealing to look down at. The club features a weight bar that is very similar to the 704 except that it has slightly more heel-toe weighting. The standard shafts available in the 804 are more than adequate for the average player. I sell far more steel shafts that graphite in this club and the steel shaft is actually very good.


Titleist calls this a "high performance, oversized blade iron with enhanced offset". Strange to hear that from a company that gears most of their products towards the better player. They say that it is designed for "serious and aspiring golfers"… so does that mean a mid-handicap? Titleist makes some amazing golf equipment and I don't want to make it look like I am bashing the company… but I think they need to figure out just who they are targeting. If you target the better player, then continue making your quality blades and revamp the 704CB. If you are targeting the mid to high handicap, then make a better iron for these people. Isn't that the reason you have Cobra Golf? Let Cobra go after the mid to high handicaps… don't fool yourselves… your technology is for the better player.


Overall Rating – 40%


Target Handicap – 10 and above


Ball Flight – Mid to High


Offset – Not minimum, not maximum


Finish – Chrome


Construction – Forged


Shafts – Titleist NS Pro 970 steel, Titleist 3980 graphite

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