Tiger Coming To A Phone Near You

Hi everyone! Hope you're enjoying your Friday night. We've got a bunch of odds and ends plus a reader email so let's get going…

I'm sure a lot of you have probably played Tiger Woods Golf by EA Sports… it seems to be a staple for most golfers that I know. The company has now made the game available for download on your cell phone. It's definitely worth a look and makes an easy gift for Dad! Check it out on the EA Mobile website.

We talked about the new Nakashima NX1 460 driver the other day and now it's up on the Nakashima website. People that I've talked to say it's a really solid product… not that we'd expect anything else from the company. We get a lot of positive email every time we mention Nakashima stuff and we're working on getting more info on new products and news from them. 

We got a good email commenting on Woody Austin's Tabasco shirts. The shirt he wore on Sunday is called the "Palm Stripe" and has now been retired. The guys over at Spicy Times dropped us a line and let us know that they still have a few left and also stock all of the current models as well. Thanks for the email guys!  

SirPuttsAlot has had a busy week handling the email. Let's dive into the mailbag and see what he's up to…

Does the the new 3 wood from Tour Edge live to to the hype? I have the original Exotics 3 wood with an Accra shaft and love it but if I can get 20 more yards, why not? Also how does it compare to the new Sonartec 3 wood in distance?

 PS: I purchased the I506 Srixon irons about 1 1/2 yrs ago after an email to you and still love these irons.

The new Exotics is a very nice golf club and a slight improvement over the original Exotics that we loved.  But it will not give you 20 extra yards, not a chance, not even close.  Unless you really want to spend money on a new 3-wood there is probably no reason to switch to the new one.

As for Sonartec, there are a few different models and each will perform differently depending who is using it.  The SS models are probably the most popular going right now.  These are great woods, possibly the best combination of distance and accuracy you will find.  They won't be as long as the Exotics are but more control and accuracy hands down. Also, glad to hear you are still happy with your Srixon irons.  A very underrated club if I do say so.

Thanks SirPutts! That's all for tonight… we'll talk to you real soon. 

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