Innovex System RLS Iron Review

I remember reading through some golf club reviews on another site one day and seeing the usual suspects in the Mid to High Handicap testing section… Callaway Big Bertha, Mizuno MX23, Ping G2, Innovex System RLS… wait… who? So I went to the website, to find out more. We just had to test these!


The first thing I noticed about these irons was how traditional they looked. My past experience in golf clubs suggests that it is very difficult to make a set of irons forgiving and traditional looking at the same time. The top line and the sole are both thin, the cavity is a good size and the club is very appealing to look down on. The clubs are made from a soft 431 stainless and feature the RLS system. So what is the RLS system? It stands for "Revolutionary Loft Specification". Innovex noticed that most iron sets are not "balanced" in that the distance gaps between each iron are not equal. They felt that sometimes people were forced to make partial swings to find the right distance. The RLS set goes from 4 iron to 64 degree "U" wedge. Makes sense… get rid of the hard to hit 3 iron and give the golfer a few more wedges. I had never hit a 64 degree wedge before but it actually worked! The stock shafts available for these irons are decent for a high handicapper but some upgraded shafts would be nice for the better player.


Our testers really enjoyed these clubs. They liked the traditional look… they liked the fact they hit the ball high… they liked the fact that they were forgiving… and they liked the extra wedges. The progressive offset helped keep the ball straight. The only real negative thing our testers found was how the irons felt of thin shots. They gave off some vibration when the ball was struck thin. We tried some irons from other manufacturers too… just to make sure the vibration was because of hard balls. These irons still vibrated but not quite as much. Not a huge deal… but enough to have a few testers comment on it. In the Great Club Comparison we have a section called the "Intangibles". This is where we rated the manufacturer… things like customer service, warranty, speed of service, etc. At first glance, Innovex Golf should get a low rating here… how good can the service be when you do everything over the phone or the computer? Sure it saves money but won't service suffer? Nope. These guys are good and getting better. They offer very personal service, a 30 day money back guarantee and they will even send you a few clubs to try! Innovex Golf has a good one here and they have a bright future ahead of them.


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap – 10 and above


Ball Flight – Mid to High


Offset – Progressive


Finish – Chrome


Construction – Cast, 431 Stainless


Shafts – i-Steel Stepless steel, Mercury Performance Plus graphite

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