Cobra 3100 I/H Iron Review

Cobra just keeps turning out quality game improvement irons and people just keep buying them. They always seem to find new ways of doing the same old thing… making a forgiving club that hits the ball high.


2005 saw Cobra bring out two new game improvement choices… the 3100 I/H and the 3400 I/XH. The 3400 I/XH is the extreme game improvement option while the 3100 I/H is a great combination of game improvement and good looks.


There are some fairly interesting technologies… both proven and unproven ones… used in the 3100 irons. The first thing that you notice is the large undercut design of the cavity. This design does two things… it creates a low center of gravity and it provides a lot of forgiveness. Instead of leaving the undercut open like Callaway does, Cobra fills the it with a urethane insert. This insert helps dampen unwanted vibration and gives the iron a very solid feel… even on miss hits. The use of urethane is nothing new at Cobra… last year’s SS-i irons featured the same type of insert. The top line and sole of the 3100’s are fairly thick… not as thick as the 3400 mind you. The wide sole helps lower the center of gravity and aids in forgiveness. Speaking of forgiveness… Cobra also features the 9 Point forgiveness technology in this iron… making it one of the most forgiving on the market. The stock shafts offered by Cobra are fairly good and most golfers don’t need to look at an upgrade.


Cobra just flat out “gets” it. They know what they are doing and they keep doing it year after year. They know what the customer wants, they build their clubs with that in mind and they sell well because of it. Our testers really liked the 3100 irons. They liked how Cobra was able to make a forgiving club look good. Almost all of them selected the 3100 over the 3400 too. Most felt the 3400 irons were just a bit too extreme and agreed that the 3100’s could do everything their sister club could do… and look better doing it. There are two game improvement choices from Cobra in 2005 and this is the better of the two.


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap – 12 and Above


Ball Flight – High


Offset – Maximum but hidden fairly well


Construction – Cast 431 stainless steel


Stock Shafts – Nippon N.S. Pro 1030H steel, Aldila NV HL70 graphite

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