Cleveland CG1 Iron Review

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Nothing will ever compare to the feeling you get when you make perfect contact with a blade. The shot feels solid, you get great feedback and the ball sails long and far.


One problem… not many golfers can make perfect contact with a blade on a regular basis. We talk a lot on here about “players clubs”… these are clubs that are designed for the lower handicapper. They trade in forgiveness for performance, they feature higher quality shafts, they hit a lower ball and they feature reduced offset to aid in shot shaping. Make no mistake about it… the CG1’s are for the better player!


The CG1 irons feature Cleveland’s new CMM material… one of the softest materials used in iron construction today. CMM is less dense than most metal and offer amazing feedback. The CG1’s employ a very classic blade design… no cavity, large muscle back (helps get the ball up on longer irons), small sole and a thin top line. You know the old blades out in your grandfather’s garage? Ya… they look like that! The CG1’s also have very little offset and I have ordered a lot of 4-PW and 5-PW sets… golfers want the blade but choose more forgiving long irons (CG2 irons are a good longer iron in this combo set). The stock shafts in the CG1 are great for a low handicap… the True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shafts are some of the best on the market. There is a graphite option too… the Graphite Design GAT95… but I don’t know why anyone would want graphite in a blade. Maybe it’s just me.


We had to find some lower handicappers to test these. Our testers loved the soft feel that the CMM material provides. They are one of the softest irons that we have ever hit. Our testers were able to do anything they wanted with the ball… draw, fade, high, low and somewhere in between. That’s the beauty of a blade. Obviously the forgiveness is minimal but if you’re worried about that… you’re playing the wrong iron. The CG1 combines a classic blade design with a new cutting edge material to create a quality iron.


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap – 12 and under


Ball Flight – Low to Mid


Offset – Minimal


Construction – CMM material


Stock Shafts – True Temper Dynamic Gold steel, Graphite Design GAT95 graphite

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