Reader Email – Draw Bias Clubs

Hey everyone. SirPutts is talking draw bias drivers with his latest reader email. These clubs are huge sellers but their specs don't always work for everyone!

Our reader asks… 

I am looking for a new driver and would like to get something that hits  the ball lower and has a draw bias?  It doesn't have to be a 2007 model and can be a couple of years old.  I have heard good things about the R7 460. Thanks!!

Thats a bit of a tough combination, most drivers designed with a draw bias will have a little bit softer shaft that naturally hits the ball high. However, often what happens when somebody slices is that the face opens up.  This causes the ball to go right and also to go higher, opening the face of a driver adds loft just like opening the face with a wedge. So I suspect that as your ball flight gets straightened out you won't have to worry about hitting the ball too high.

That being said I would take a look at the TaylorMade R7 Draw or the R5 Dual Type D (both better than the R7 460in my opinion). I would also take a look at the Callaway FT-3 Draw.  You might also want to consider something from Cobra, either the offset M-Speed or the F-Speed.

Hope this helps! Have a golf question for us? Send us an email and we'll do our best to get you an answer!

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