TaylorMade Rumors And Cleveland CG4 Irons

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. The title says it all… so let's get to it!

If you've ever sent us an email you've probably talked to SirPuttsAlot. He responds to a lot of email each day and tries to get to everyone. We got a good iron question from a reader and I thought I'd pass it along…
I'm a 10 handicap and have been playing Cleveland CG4 irons. i'm starting to not like the 1/2" offset on the set and thinking about moving towards either the CG4 Tours, the new CG Reds or the Titleist 755 irons. Any advice? i have a sound swing and draw the ball with my irons. When i miss, it's to the left and i feel like it's due to the offset on the club.
You are right, the reason you miss to the left could definitely be from having too much offset in your irons. Its not the only possible cause but from what you have told us it is quite likely. If you like the   feel of the CG4's than I would try to find the CG4 Tour irons, mainly because you will be able to get them for a great price right now. I would also have you take a look at the Ping i5 irons and Mizuno MX25. Both will have less offset than your CG4, feel great, but still offer a good amount of forgiveness. Another great buy if you can still find them would be the TaylorMade RAC LT irons, these are a fantastic club and you might be able to find a set for under $500.
Thanks SirPuttsAlot. Feel free to send us an email and he'll try his best to respond!
I also game across an interesting TaylorMade rumor yesterday at work. Our shop has been told to expect a new wedge, forged iron, fairway wood and driver soon. I suspect the fairway wood is probably the TaylorMade Burner TP but the rest is a bit of a mystery. We'll often hear rumors through the grapevine and many amount to nothing but I thought I'd pass it along anyways… people seem to enjoy rumors. I'll keep you updated here!
I think that's all for tonight. Thanks for stopping by and we'll talk to you again real soon!! 

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