New Ping Clubs On The Horizon?

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I've been trying to track down some more info on the fate of the current Ping i5 and G5 lines but the company tends to be fairly tight lipped. 

I had the chance to speak with a few associates that work at clubs with large Ping accounts and they both mentioned they've been told to expect new equipment in the fall. Ping is one of the last companies that run on 2 year product life cycles. This would make the current i5 irons and G5 woods and irons up for renewal in the fall. The company has had some good success with the "i" and "G" lines so I'd expect to see more of the same.
Speaking of new clubs… the Edwin Watts website has pictures of the new Solus Series 7.1 wedges. Looks like the company is going to go with more of a blade this time but some of the other technologies look like they've stuck around. If you follow the "Tour" section on the Solus Golf website you've probably read about the 7.1 already. I've got a Solus wedge in the bag right now and love it. These are legit… despite their "infomercial" beginnings… and are worth a look!  
We'll keep you updated as we got more info on both fronts. Thanks for the emails and we'll talk to you later!

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