2025 5* WR Dakorien Moore Decommits from LSU: What the Fans Are Saying

LSU fans face disappointment as Dakorien Moore decommits. Find out the reactions!

LSU fans were hit with unexpected news as Dakorien Moore, a 5-star WR, decommits from the team. The Reddit community shares mixed reactions to this development.


  • Fans express surprise and anticipate the impact of Moore’s decision on LSU’s future.
  • Speculations arise about Moore’s potential destinations and the recruitment process.
  • LSU supporters show disappointment and frustration over the unexpected decommitment.


Expressing surprise and curiosity, a user wonders about the implications of Moore’s decommitment.


Referencing an insider’s insight, a user shares details about LSU’s standing prior to Moore’s decommitment.


In a humorous tone, a user predicts a learning curve for Steve Sarkisian in handling the situation.