2025 4* DL Caleb Williams Commits to South Carolina: Fan Reactions

Discover the frenzy surrounding Caleb Williams’ commitment to USC and the varied fan responses.

When 4* DL Caleb Williams committed to South Carolina, fans had mixed reactions.


  • Fans divided on recruiting excitement and potential decommits.
  • Humorous takes on Caleb Williams’ commitment and USC connections.
  • Discussion on the strength of Caleb Williams’ offers and USC pipeline.

OutrageousNews2555’s Excitement

One fan saw Caleb Williams as an immediate Heisman candidate.

Budget_Ad5888’s Comment

Comparing Caleb Williams at USC to another USC created amusement among fans.

Gamecock_Lore’s Doomer Perspective

One fan expressed weariness about recruiting uncertainties and potential decommits.

Final Thoughts

The reactions to Caleb Williams’ commitment to USC were a mix of excitement and skepticism, showcasing the complexities of college football fandom.