2024 WTA Charleston Open’s Vibrant Purple Carpet Fashion

Exploring the fashion choices of WTA players at the Charleston Open through the lens of Reddit comments.

2024 WTA Charleston Open attracted attention for its unique purple carpet fashion statements.


  • Players sported diverse casual looks, sparking mixed reactions from fans.
  • Commenters praised some outfits like Sloane’s Spice Girls shirt.
  • Users noted the contrast between on-court and off-court fashion styles.
  • Some fans expressed concern over specific outfit choices.

Exploring Fashion Choices

At the 2024 WTA Charleston Open, players showcased a range of casual and athleisure looks that drew varied reactions from fans. While some appreciated the laid-back styles, others were quick to critique certain outfits, labeling them as mismatched or unflattering. The purple carpet served as a vibrant backdrop for the players’ fashion choices, adding an element of fun to the event.

Fashion Statements

Commenters on Reddit highlighted specific outfits that caught their attention, such as Sloane’s nostalgic Spice Girls shirt. This playful nod to pop culture resonated with fans, showcasing a blend of personal style and athletic prowess. The fashion choices at the Charleston Open offered a glimpse into the players’ off-court personalities, inviting discussions on individual tastes and expression.

Fans’ Reactions

Some fans pointed out the stark difference between the on-court and off-court fashion preferences of tennis players. While athletes often dazzle in stylish tennis attire during matches, their casual off-duty looks can sometimes raise eyebrows. This contrast sparked humor among users, with comments noting the shift from elegant sporting outfits to more relaxed everyday ensembles.

The fashion choices at the 2024 WTA Charleston Open generated a lively debate among fans, showcasing the intersection of sports and style in the world of professional tennis. From quirky t-shirt choices to athleisure ensembles, each player’s fashion statement added a touch of personality to the tournament, creating a unique blend of athletic competition and sartorial expression.