2024 MLS Attendance Tracker: The Good, The Bad, and The Exciting

Exploring the highs and lows of MLS attendance with unexpected sellouts and record-breaking numbers.

MLS fans are cheering, and the attendance tracker is booming with excitement and surprises! Let’s dig into the latest numbers and reactions from the community.


  • Fans commend San Jose for solid attendance despite performance.
  • Vancouver and Atlanta’s success stories overshadowed.
  • Houston’s unexpected sellout receives mixed reactions.
  • Discussions on neutral venue games spark curiosity.

San Jose Shines Amidst Struggles

Despite being in last place, San Jose Earthquakes’ 43K-strong crowd garners praise for their unwavering support.

Records Broken and Surprises Unveiled

Vancouver exceeding Seattle’s numbers, Atlanta’s exceptional turnout, and Houston’s sellout against St. Louis spark conversations on unexpected successes in MLS.

Debates on Neutral Venue Games

The ambiguity around games in neutral venues like the Galaxy-LAFC match at the Rose Bowl raises questions and calls for new perspectives on such situations.

MLS attendance remains a hot topic, fueling discussions and debates among fans. With each matchday, new stories unfold, showcasing the passion and dedication of supporters.