2024-25 Big Ten Conference Men’s Basketball Schedule Overview

Discover the excitement and confusion surrounding the upcoming Big Ten Men’s Basketball schedule for 2024-25.

Big Ten Conference Men’s Basketball fans are abuzz with reactions to the 2024-25 schedule announcement. With surprising matchups and venue changes, the season promises to be full of twists and turns.


  • Fans express disbelief at the new conference slate structure
  • Excitement grows for unique matchups and cross-country games
  • Mixed reactions to the increased travel demands on teams
  • Curiosity about adapting to the changes in scheduling traditions

Dazzling Reactions

“I don’t know if USC and UCLA are prepared for a weekday night game at the RAC,” one user humorously ponders, highlighting the unexpected challenges ahead.

Bizarre Balance

One user finds it “so bizarre to look at a conference slate with only 3 home and homes,” prompting reflections on the unusual nature of the upcoming season.

Madison Musings

“Is this finally the year we win in Madison?” a user wonders, capturing the anticipation and hope for a long-awaited victory.