2023 NHL Drama: Crosscheck Controversy Sparks Social Media Frenzy

The NHL community explodes in reactions over Sam Bennett’s crosscheck incident in the latest game.

Sam Bennett’s recent crosscheck on Bunting ignited a wave of emotions across the NHL community.


  • Shocked by the lack of suspension for Bennett’s actions.
  • Debates over the consistency of player safety rulings.
  • Frustration over perceived biases in disciplinary actions.
  • Humor injected into the controversy with witty comments.

Outrage Over Bennett’s Crosscheck

Melnik_Featherfoot reveals the fine imposed on Bennett for the crosscheck, questioning the severity of the penalty compared to the offense.

Perceived Inconsistencies in Player Safety

LtColumbo93 criticizes the Department of Player Safety for its decision, highlighting the perceived double standards in enforcing disciplinary actions.

Fan Reactions and Speculations

Samurai1221 adds a humorous touch to the situation, highlighting the irony of Bennett’s polarizing image within the NHL community.

The comments range from calls for harsher punishments to humorous takes on the incident, reflecting the diverse opinions circulating within the hockey fandom.