2023-24 Hart Memorial Trophy Finalists: Fans’ Reactions and Predictions

Fans react to the Hart Trophy finalists, anticipating a thrilling showdown.

As the 2023-24 Hart Memorial Trophy finalists are revealed, fans in the hockey subreddit are buzzing with excitement and anticipation.


  • Fans acknowledge the tough competition among finalists.
  • Surprise and appreciation for the deserving trio.
  • Speculation on the intense voting process and potential outcomes.
  • Recognition of the historical significance of this year’s finalists.


Fans remind each other of the historical playoff pattern related to the Hart Trophy winners. Some express a willingness to share the victory due to past outcomes.


One fan reflects on the tough decisions in selecting the finalists and acknowledges the extraordinary performances across the league this season.


A humorous comparison is made regarding one of the finalists, sparking lighthearted banter among fans.


Despite the absence of Matthews, fans find it challenging to argue against the current top three contenders for the Hart Trophy.


Fans brace themselves for potentially controversial ballots in the voting process.


Analysis is provided on the competitive nature of this year’s Hart Trophy race, highlighting the exceptional performances of the finalists.


Fans commend the exceptional seasons of the finalists, emphasizing the quality of competition this year.


A unique take on the finalists based on their jersey numbers adds a touch of humor to the discussion.


Curiosity surrounds the voting results, with fans eager to see how close Matthews was to the top contenders.


Fans describe this year’s Hart race as the most intense ever, reflecting the high caliber of competition.


Anticipation mixes with concern as fans anticipate the final ranking and possible outcomes of the Hart Trophy vote.