Cobra 2300 I/M Iron Review

Cobra is known… and probably always will be known… as a game improvement company. They make clubs for the mid to high handicapper… clubs with large cavities for forgiveness and more offset for control. Cobra really hasn’t been a player in “players” category since the Greg Norman days.

They used to build different “grinds” of their line and gear these towards the better player with the Norman Grind being the most popular of the bunch. So why has Cobra basically snubbed the better player? Two reasons really… the first being the overall market size. 99.9% of golfers would benefit from playing a game improvement iron. This leaves only a small percentage of players looking for an iron like the Cobra 2300 I/M. The second reason has to do with Cobra’s sister company Titleist. Acushnet (the parent company of the two) has positioned Titleist in the “players” market and Cobra in the game improvement market. There is a bit of crossover between the two… Titleist has the 804 OS game improvement iron and Cobra has the Cobra Forged CB and the 2300 I/M.


The 2300 I/M is the “players” entry in the all new Cobra Inertia Series. It features many of the same technologies as the other Inertia irons but these have been toned down a bit to meet the needs of the better player. The club is made of 431 stainless steel and features a smaller version of Cobra’s undercut design. This undercut is filled with a urethane insert that dampens unwanted vibration and gives the club a solid feel. The club also has a thinner topline and sole… something that any good player likes. The ball flight with this iron would be considered mid to low… someone hitting this iron probably isn’t too concerned with getting the ball up in the air. The stock steel shaft (True Temper F-115) are “ok” at best… you’d probably be wise spending the extra cash and upgrading to a True Temper Dynamic Gold.


It’s a pretty safe assumption that Cobra designed these irons knowing that they were not going to sell well. These were created to round out the Inertia Series and Cobra is banking on the 3100 I/H and the 3400 I/XH to bring home the bacon. They are a decent iron… our testers enjoyed them… but there are far better “players” irons out there. They hit the ball a bit too high for some of our testers and others didn’t like the stock shaft option. Most enjoyed the feel of the iron (it’s actually a very solid feeling iron) and working the ball wasn’t too difficult. If you are a decent player and really want to play a Cobra iron, I’d recommend the Cobra Forged CB irons over the 2300 I/M. In a nutshell… an ok iron but there are far better “players” options out there.


Overall Rating – 50%


Target Handicap – 15 and below


Ball Flight – Mid to Low


Offset – Minimal


Construction – 431 Stainless


Stock Shafts – True Temper F-115 steel 

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