Cobra Forged CB Iron Review

You know that we are running out of golf clubs to review when we are reviewing an iron that many golfers have probably not seen. We’ve talked lots about how Cobra Golf is a company that makes the majority of their equipment for the average golfer but they do make a small “players” club line for the more accomplished player.

The Forged CB is an iron that many golf shops don’t carry… we don’t stock it at my place but we have special ordered it for a few people. You might have to ask for this one but it’s worth a look if you can find it.


The Forged CB borrows it’s overall look from the current Inertia line but it sports certain features that really appeal to the better player. The Forged CB is… you guessed it… a forged golf club. It is made from S30C Carbon Steel and then it is nickel-chrome plated… a finish that gives the iron a very nice look. The iron has a very minimal offset and a thin top line and sole. It falls into the “workable cavity” category… it combines the forgiveness of a cavity backed club with the workability of a blade. The iron uses Variable Muscle Arch technology… a band of weight that is located in a different place on each iron. This weight alters the center of gravity and it helps keep the ball at a workable height. The Forged CB irons come stock with the True Temper Dynamic Gold Sensicore steel shaft. This is a bit of an odd choice for this iron. The Sensicore shaft is designed to dampen out vibration but most people playing this club want more feel. A Dynamic Gold shaft would probably be a more fitting shaft choice here.


Let’s call the Cobra Forged CB a sleeper… it’s a decent iron that’s relatively unknown. Our testers seemed to enjoy hitting the club. Most complemented it on it’s feel and it’s appealing look. Most said it felt good but maybe not quite as soft as other forged irons like a Mizuno. They found it easy to work the ball and they liked the forgiveness that the cavity provides. The biggest downside that we noted was that the ball flight was a bit high for some of our testers. Most better players like a lower ball flight because it is a bit easier to control. A few mentioned the Sensicore shaft choice but Cobra/Titleist has a really good custom department and other shafts are available. I’ve hit the Forged CB irons with a Dynamic Gold shaft and the combination seemed to work pretty well. The price was also pretty appealing to a lot of my customers that were looking for a good forged iron without the forged iron price. I’ve seen past forged offerings from Cobra get really cheap in the fall when the company is trying to clear out remaining stock. These irons are often one of the cheapest forged clubs around come clearance time in September and October. The Cobra Forged CB iron is a nice choice for a better player looking for a workable cavity backed club. Is it the best players iron on the market? No. Is it worth a look? Yes.


Overall Rating – 70%


Target Handicap – 10 and under


Ball Flight – Mid


Offset – Minimal


Construction – Forged S30C Carbon Steel


Stock Shafts – True Temper Dynamic Gold Sensicore steel

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