Tommy Armour Morph Iron Review

The great Tommy Armour resurrection has begun. The company has gone through some really tough times as of late and their equipment has suffered because of it.

The company that was once known for their high quality, traditional irons has produced some real duds lately. The Morph irons are an attempt at bring some life back to one of the oldest companies in golf.


The Morph irons are an interesting combination of three different head designs and three different types of Rifle shafts. These different combinations are designed to give a golfer maximum trajectory control… the different heads have different centers of gravity and the different shafts have different kick points. The longer irons in this set are cavity backs with low kick shafts. The middle irons feature a smaller cavity and are shafted with mid kick shafts. The short irons are blades with high kick shafts. Tommy Armour believes that golfers can really lower their scores if they can better control the trajectory of their shots. The Morph irons also feature a progressive offset that helps golfers keep the ball straight. The irons are made from 431 stainless and the Rifle shafts are more than enough for most golfers.


These are not like the Tommy Armour irons of old. They don’t feel the same, they don’t look the same, they don’t sell the same and they don’t perform the same. The Morph irons didn’t really grow on many of our testers… they complained that the irons felt hard and that they didn’t look good at address. Some testers mentioned that the irons looked cheap… the finish is dull and there is really nothing that makes these irons stand out. There are so many other great irons out there and these don’t even compare to any of them. It’s not all bad though… the stock Rifle shafts are a nice touch… most companies consider these an upcharge. The irons do control trajectory really well… the long irons go high and the short irons go low. Tommy Armour is starting to get back to what made them so good in the first place… the Morph irons aren’t all that great but it they are a good first step on a long road back to success. We’ve seen the Armour stuff for next year and I can tell you that they’ll be back before you know it.


Overall Rating – 40%


Target Handicap – 12+


Ball Flight – Changes depending on club used


Construction – 431 Stainless


Stock Shafts – Rifle Flighted steel 

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