Titleist 735.CM Iron Review

It seems that some clubs just get people really excited. Case in point… the Titleist 735.CM. News of a possible Titleist combo set spread like wildfire over the internet and the 735.CM’s quickly became one of the most talked about irons on all of the various forums and websites.

What would they look like? How would they be made? When would they come out? So many questions and so few answers from the tight-lipped company. Well… the 735.CM’s are here and they are making a real splash too!


It seems that the combo set is one of the “hot” trends in golf right now. It makes lots of sense… a combo set gives the golfer more forgiveness in the long irons and more control and feel in the shorter irons. These irons provide golfers with the best of both worlds. There are actually two versions of the 735.CM irons… a Forged 1025 Carbon Steel version and a Forged 410 Stainless Steel version. The 735.CM’s are a beautiful set of irons and each club flows into the next… something that many other combo sets fail to do. The topline and sole width vary from club to club and Titleist has done a great job in making each iron just slightly different than the one before it. The offset is progressive and the 735.CM’s feature slightly less offset than the current 704.CB irons. The stock shafts (Dynamic Gold steel) are perfect shafts for the better player and there are many other custom options available.


These irons are the real deal. Many industry people that I have talked to agree that some of the more recent Titleist irons have failed to deliver and they all agree that the 735.CM’s are a huge step in the right direction. There were so many things that our testers liked. Many of them were very impressed with the forgiveness offered by the longer irons. It’s really tough to make a forgiving iron look good but Titleist has figured it out here. They also loved the look of the irons. These irons are just beautiful to look at… both versions are very appealing to the eye. The 735.CM’s are a very traditional looking club and both finishes look great. Our testers loved how each iron flowed into the next and the how transition between cavity and blade went almost unnoticed when looking down on the irons. The ball flight was easy to control and the reduced offset allowed the better players to work the ball without too much difficulty. It should be noted that these irons are designed for the better player. They are forgiving enough for a mid handicapper but the reduced offset could cause problems for those who don’t hit the ball straight. We only heard one real complaint about the Titleist 735.CM irons. Many of our testers mentioned that these irons were not as soft as some of the other forgings available. Many better players are looking for the softest iron that they can find… and some may shy away from these irons in favor of a Mizuno or even a TaylorMade TP. Feel is tricky because it is really such a personal thing but we like to note something like this when numerous people mention the same thing. Overall… the Titleist 735.CM irons are a great combo set for the better player. They are a good combination of forgiveness, great looks and decent feel. Are they the best forged iron ever made? Nope. Are they one of the best Titleist irons ever made? We think so.


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap – 10 and under


Ball Flight – Mid


Offset – Minimal


Construction – Forged 1025 Carbon Steel or Forged 410 Stainless Steel


Stock Shaft – True Temper Dynamic Gold

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