Mizuno MP-60 Iron Review

Mizuno could be the best iron manufacturer on the planet. Plain and simple… they get it. They know what golfers want and they deliver time and time again. The company has an iron for almost every level of golfer although their specialty seems to lie in forged irons for the more accomplished player. The MP-60 is the newest iron in this category.


To better understand the MP-60 we need to look back at the MP-32. The MP-32 took the market by storm and won some awards doing it… including a near perfect score from our testers. People raved about it’s traditional look, it’s soft feel and it’s playability. The only real negative that came up in reviews was the club’s lack of forgiveness. It was no secret that the MP-32 was designed for the better player but even the best players in the world enjoy a bit of forgiveness now and again. The trend in “players” irons in recent years has been towards cavity backed irons that provide both workability and forgiveness. Blades seem to be on the way out because many of these new irons do the almost same thing but allow the golfer a bit more room for error. Mizuno needed to keep the traditional look of the MP-32 but understood that more forgiveness was needed… and the MP-60 was born. So is the MP-60 a cavity back or a blade? It features some perimeter weighting but not enough to create a real cavity. Let’s call it a shallow cavity back. The Cut Muscle technology from the MP-32 returns to help with altering the center of gravity and adding forgiveness. The MP-60 has a very traditional “blade-like” look and features the Mizuno Grain Flow Forged construction. Mizuno has always been known for their quality forged products and this iron is no excepetion. The True Temper Dynamic Gold steel shaft is a perfect fit in this iron and most players will find no need to upgrade here.


This is probably the best “players” iron of the year. Our testers loved the MP-32 and the more forgiving MP-60 was an even bigger hit… and for good reason… how often does a forgiving blade come around? This iron feels great, looks great and does everything a blade can do. The sole and top line are thin and the club looks very nice from above. The offset is minimal and this helps the better player to work the ball. The True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts work great and help keep the ball flight fairly low. Just remember… this iron isn’t for everyone. Just because we rant about it’s forgiveness doesn’t mean a high handicapper should run out and buy it. Put it this way… if your handicap isn’t in the single digits you should probably keep looking. If you’re a decent player and a good ball striker you might want to treat yourself and have a look at these ones!


Overall Rating – 99%


Target Handicap – 10 and under


Ball Flight – Mid to Low


Offset – Minimal


Construction – Grain Flow Forged 1025 Mild Carbon Steel 

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