Tommy Armour Silver Scot Tour Blade Review

We here at have followed Tommy Armour pretty closely for the past few years. We’ve watched them make a slow turn in the right direction after years of financial hardship.

The company’s money problems became a real burden on their products and we sometimes wondered if Tommy Armour would live to see the next year but they just kept hanging in there. The 2006 iron line has people talking and it’s fun to see golfers getting excited over Tommy Armour. The Silver Scot Tour Blades are a big part of the new line and provide golfers with a quality blade at a great price.


Let’s first get some things out of the way… these irons aren’t going to go and compete with a Mizuno or Miura forging. They’re not going to convert TaylorMade RAC TP users to switch brands and they’re probably not going to pull people away from their Callaway X-Tours. Does this mean that they aren’t any good? No… it means that Tommy Armour didn’t intend for the Tour Blade to go out and compete with the best players irons in the world. The company stayed on course and brought out these irons to fit into the “be a player on a smaller budget” market… they made these for the guy that still has some game from his earlier years but doesn’t have the budget to drop the big cash on an expensive forging or the guy that wants a set of blades as a second set for when he feels his game is “on”. That’s who they’re designed for and that’s who buys them.


Tommy Armour bills these as a blade that offers some forgiveness… a blade that an average golfer actually has a chance in hitting. Don’t kid yourself… they’re still blades… but Armour has worked on optimizing the center of gravity on each iron to make it easier to get the ball in the air. The irons come equipped with Flighted Rife shafts. These help keep the longer irons high and the shorter irons low. A nice touch as the stock shaft option! The overall look here is about as traditional as you’re going to find… a thin top line, thin sole, reduced offset, minimal graphics and a very clean look. The Silver Scot Tour Blades carry a very reasonable price and they are a very affordable option for the better player.


My customers are really warming up to these irons. The overall consensus is the same… what these irons lack in feel, they make up in value. Both readers and customers agree that these aren’t the softest irons around but they are a solid iron for the price. That seems to be the biggest knock on the Silver Scots. Some dislike the stock shafts and the ball flight they provide… some complain that the longer irons balloon a bit. Others don’t like the lack of custom options available. Not major problems but there are still some areas for improvement. You may also want to consider combining these with the Silver Scot cavity irons to create your own combo set. Looking for a blade without breaking the bank? Want to add a second set? The Tommy Armour Tour Blades might be the ticket!


Overall Rating – 70%


Target Handicap – 12 and below


Ball Flight – Flighted depending on iron


Offset – Minimal


Stock Shafts – Flighted Rifle 

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