TaylorMade Rescue Mid Hybrid Review

We can all thank TaylorMade for the recent popularity of the hybrid wood. It was a few years back when the first TaylorMade Rescue club came out and changed the way we hit our long irons. It is not uncommon to now see someone with two or even three of these in their bag.


The Rescue Mid is an easy-to-hit alternative to the long iron. The club has an extremely low center of gravity that allows for a high ball flight. TaylorMade also focused on making the Rescue Mid much more forgiving than the original Rescue club. The sole of the club is cambered and wide which allows it to glide across the ground without digging. The face of the club is deep enough that a player can use it in any situation (deep enough to hit off a tee but shallow enough to keep the center of gravity low). TaylorMade put a lot of thought into this club and their hard work really paid off.


It is very rare that we hear a bad comment about these clubs. People love that they are easy to hit, forgiving and exceptionally long. The club is available in four different lofts in the traditional head and three lofts in the TP (Tour Preferred) version. The TP is great for the player that hits a straight ball and wants to focus on shot shaping. The club is available in both steel and graphite and both of the stock shafts are adequate for the average player. TaylorMade has a great custom department and for a slight up charge customers can pick from a few other shafts as well. If you suffer from inconsistent long irons and are looking for a cure… look no further!


Overall Rating – 98%


Target Handicap: Anyone that has a hard time hitting their longer irons


Ball Flight: Mid to High


Numbers and Lofts: 2 (16), 3 (19), 4 (22), 5 (25) and (14), (16), (19) in TP head


Shafts: TaylorMade Ultralite graphite, Precision Micro Taper steel, Fujikura Vista Pro 90 (TP only), True Temper Dynamic Gold (TP only).


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