Callaway Big Bertha Heavenwood Hybrid Review

It was really just a matter of time before Callaway entered the hybrid market. Callaway has always been a leader in the fairway wood market and they have used many of those proven technologies in their new Heavenwood.


The Heavenwood is basically another version of the Big Bertha fairway wood. It is slightly more shallow than the fairway wood but still uses similar technology to lower the center of gravity. Callaway has always made clubs that hit the ball high and the Heavenwood is no exception. They use a Modified Warbird Sole to minimize how much of the club touches the ground on impact (like a spoiler). This sole also helps keep the center of gravity low. The Heavenwood is available in five different models and the two stock shafts available are designed for the majority of mid to high handicappers. The trick to figuring out the whole hybrid craze is to take a step back and figure out what you are trying to replace. Always remember hybrids are shorter than woods and longer than most irons. Hybrids are often numbered (in this case 1,2,3,4,5) but it is vital you play more attention to lofts and lengths to fill the gaps you might have. A good golf professional or salesperson should be able to help you figure out what you need. Remember that there is no law that you can't combine woods and hybrids to fill these gaps!


You can mark my word right now… The Callaway Heavenwood will be the best selling hybrid wood of 2005. People love the feel, the ball flight and the price offered by the Heavenwood. It is a reasonably priced alternative to longer irons and I encourage you to check it out. The one knock we hear on the Heavenwood is the look. Some customers have called it a pickle on a stick. Sure it looks weird but what is a hybrid "suppose" to look like? I say if it works… who cares!


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap: Anyone that has a hard time hitting their longer irons


Ball Flight: High


Numbers and Lofts: 1 (14), 2 (17), 3 (20), 4 (23), 5 (26)


Shafts: Big Bertha steel, RCH 75w H graphite


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