Nike Pro Combo Utility Hybrid Review

First off the Pro Combo Utility Iron is definitely geared towards the better golfer. It is similar in looks to the original Mizuno Fli-Hi with a little bit shallower face.

It is built to look more like an iron as opposed to a fairway wood, and has a brushed sating finish with a thin top line. I must say that it really is a good-looking golf club. The club is designed for workability with a forged E2000 lightweight steel face that is flat like an iron. It also features a 70-gram tungsten plug in the bottom of the head for increased forgiveness. In typical Nike fashion there are very few options available with this club. It comes in lofts of 18, 20, and 22 degrees, available only right-handed and available in only the Speed Step steel shaft. The 18-degree is only available in a stiff flex while the other two are available in regular or stiff.

The reviews on this club were quite varied. Every player who hit it agreed that the club was definitely for the better ball striker and offered very little forgiveness. The ball flight seemed to be quite low as well, which was odd because the club appears setup to really get the trajectory up. The feel on well-struck shots was solid but miss-hits were quite harsh. The club definitely allows the better player to work the golf ball and the thin sole seems to play well off a variety of lies.


For some reason Nike just does not want to allow for any customization of their golf clubs. The Pro Combo Utility Iron is geared for better players yet is manufactured with a weak shaft and offers no upgrades and no graphite. Hopefully you aren't a lefty either because if you are you won't be playing this club. As I said the club looks awesome, performance reviews were mixed, and everyone unanimously agreed that the lack of custom options hurt.


Overall Rating – 70%


Target Handicap: Low Handicap players who want to add a hybrid


Ball Flight: Low to Mid


Lofts: 18, 20, and 22 degrees


Shafts: Speed Step steel


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