Titleist 503.H Hybrid Review

It shouldn't really surprise anyone that a company who prides themselves on being a traditional golf club maker would be one of the last companies to introduce a hybrid club to the market place.

It also shouldn't surprise anyone that Titleist would wait until they created a really solid golf club before releasing it to the masses. In the 503.H they have found a real winner.

As is the case with all Titleist golf clubs, the 503.H is designed for the more serious player. I would only recommend this club for mid to low handicap players. The 503.H is setup to resemble an oversized long iron. It is a great looking golf club with a thicker top-line and moderate offset. It is constructed with a thin steel face that is backed by the large carbon core, visible on the back of the golf club. The carbon core dampens vibrations and gives the club a very solid feel, much like hitting a forged iron. It also features a tungsten screw on the sole to lower the center of gravity and raise the ball flight.


I have talked to many golfers who have hit this club already and I really haven't heard anything negative about it. Some of the higher handicap players felt it didn't provide enough forgiveness or confidence but then again the club isn't really designed for them. It has a really great, solid feel to it and was actually surprisingly easy to hit. As I said before, this club looks great, it feels great, and it allows the better player to maneuver the ball. Custom options on this club are almost endless; it is available in standard lie as well as up to 2 degrees upright or 2 degrees flat. It is available up to an inch over or under length and a seemingly endless supply of shaft options, although the stock shafts (True Temper Dynamic Gold or Aldila Hybrid NV 85) are more than enough to satisfy most players. For the better golfer who likes to control their ball flight but is looking for something a little easier to hit, there isn't a better club on the hybrid market!


Overall Rating – 90%


Target Handicap: Low to Mid Handicap Players


Ball Flight: Mid


Lofts: 19 and 22 degrees


Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold steel of Aldila Hybrid NV 85


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