Ping i20 Hybrid Review

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by – today we’ve got another review to share, of the Ping i20 Hybrid.


Similar to the entire Ping i20 line, their hybrids look fantastic. It features a low profile and compact head very pleasing to the eye. The entire Ping i20 line features an all black matte finish that prevents/reduces glare from the club head. Personally, I love the all black look, small club-face and the club pops at address with white grooves on the club face.


I tested the 20 degree Ping i20 hybrid with the stock TFC 707 H shaft in stiff flex. This club is meant to replace either your 3-iron, or if you carry one a 7-wood. A club is much easier to hit when you look down and like the appearance. The shallow face with a low and deep center of gravity helps get the ball up in the air from even the tightest lies. In comparison to the i15, I found it more consistent and forgiving. The majority of clubs have continued to get bigger, however, I really liked the compact head, which appeared slightly smaller than the i15. The i20 produces a mid to high ball flight. Players who prefer to work the ball should like the i20’s ability to manipulate ball flight. The Ping i20 hybrid is fairly easy to hit, long and produces less spin than the other Ping hybrids.


The i20 has a great feel through impact. The ball jumps off the face and makes a nice dull, yet crisp sound at impact. Shots off the toe and heel still felt good without and huge loss of distance or direction. Compared to competitors the i20 has an average weight, with a swing weight of D1 and a shaft that weighs in at 75 grams. If forgiveness is something you’re really after with the your hybrids, the G20 or K15 might be a better option for your bag. The i20 is definitely built for better players, that have more consistent swings and want to work the ball.


The i20 hybrid is one of the best looking hybrids available and it delivers in very solid performance and feel as well. The Ping i20 hybrid retails at $189 and is priced slightly higher than the average price among competitors. However, compared to the hybrids geared to lower handicap players, the price tag is directly in line with the competition. While it is not for everyone, the i20 should find a successful niche with the lower to mid handicap players. The look alone should peak everyone’s interest.

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