Talamonti Shafts: New LS-70 & Light-49 Shafts

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Source: http://www.talamontishafts.com/

SirShanksAlot Comments:  From the little shaft company that could, Talamonti Shafts, have recently release two new shaft models that should be available soon online.  Below is a picture of the the new LS-70 model.  And further below is of their all new ultra-light Light-49 shaft from our friends over at MyGolfSpy. Talamonti Shafts have positioned themselves as a premium shaft manufacturer at prices that won’t clean out your wallet.  Their down-to-earth, natural marketing approach helps them cut costs, and they pass the savings on to the consumers.  Check out their website at the link above to learn more.

image Talamonti Shafts: New LS-70 Light-49 Shafts

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