Golf Gets a Refresh

60 shots, 60 minutes, 60 points

Golf has a nasty reputation of being an “old rich man’s game”, and unfortunately few people are doing anything to refute it. Yes some clubs are reducing rates, golf equipment is becoming a little cheaper, but ultimately, the game is dying a slow death through lack of interest, lack of new players, and scarce tee-sheets. What a way to go.

That’s why it’s always nice to see something that is bound to attract new players to the game, in new and innovative ways that laugh in the face of golf’s tradition and strict rules. This is the exact reason the group over at Net60Six recently won a £25,000 grant for their innovative new driving range game that they submitted to the “Grow Golf” initiative over in the UK.

The Game

So far, this game is only available for six golf clubs across England (but will soon be at 19 more club), but it is continuing to grow. The game is relatively simple, can be installed on basically any range (aquatic excluded), and basically turns your driving range into a fully playable course. You aim drive between two rods acting as the fairway, and you hit shots to circular targets that act as greens. Yippers out there will also like the fact that you don’t ever have to putt. See the video below to get an idea of how it’s played and how it integrates seamlessly with a free online app. The best part about this game? It’s played on a driving range, and you’re done in 60 minutes. No more slow play, and no more 5-hour rounds.


Why We Love it…

This new approach to golf solves a bunch of the issues most people attribute the decline in the game… things like slow play, courses being too difficult, too many rules, takes too long to play, and finally the cost to play are now no longer a hindrance.

For hardcore golfers out there, this new game will also be very welcome. The 60-minute timeframe means a round can be played during lunch breaks, or when time is tight. Furthermore, it’s a great opportunity to test your game without forking out much dough to do it. There’s no stopping people from bringing out their golf buddies and competing against each other either.

Overall, we really hope this “range course” strategy takes off, and it helps bring in new players interested in learning the game, no matter which game that may be. Kudos to Net60Six.

See the Net 60Six website, get the app, sign-up and more.

If you’re interested in having this installed at your club you can send Milly Durrant an e-mail here.

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