Titleist 712 CB Iron Review

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we’re sharing with you a review of the Titleist 712 CB Irons.  These beautiful blades are definitely made for better players, so beginner’s stay clear of these irons.  Sure, give them a swing or two, but don’t fork out the grand to buy them (no matter how ambitious and confident you may be). Anyway, let’s get to it!


Good ball strikers are sure to gravitate towards the new Titleist CB 712 iron. The CB irons are a forged blade with a satin finish. They feature a progressive offset with a shallow cavity behind the club face. In addition, they have a thin top line and a round profile that make the Titleist CB irons one of the sharpest irons available. These beautiful blades, are full-on blades – beginner’s beware.


I tested the Titleist CB 712 in a Dynamic Gold S300 shaft. The irons perform great for a players iron. The Titleist CB’s are extremely workable yet still deliver a consistent ball flight for a repetitive swing. Distance is unremarkable, but as expected. There are definitely irons on the market that you will hit the ball longer, however, they will probably not allow you to work and control the ball the way these do. These irons are ideal for a player who prefers to control the distance, direction and trajectory of the golf ball. Knock down shots felt great and provide the ability to really alter ball trajectory. The clubs performed exceptionally well, but I have the game to play them. For anyone reading this review, be sure to think long and hard if these clubs are the solution to your game woes. For a majority of the players out there, these clubs may be tempting, but realistically they’ll do more harm than good.


The Titleist CB 712’s provide exceptional feedback on any shot. You instantly know where you strike the ball on the clubface. Shots struck in the sweet spot feel awesome while off-center hits feel a little clunky (as expected). I was actually surprised how forgiving the CB performed on off center hits, considering they’re not built with heavy heel and toe weights. It’s obvious when you miss the sweet spot but there is not a huge loss in distance. The standard swing weight is D2, however, the weighting of the CB’s make it very easy to feel where the club is throughout your entire swing. Really loved swinging these irons.


While many golfers will agree these irons look awesome, only a very small percentage of the golfing population will actually be able to hit them. Even with the steep price tag of $999.99 for a set of 8 irons, elite players should still seriously consider these beauties. If your swing is anything but consistent, stay well clear of these irons.



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  1. Absolute nonsense of a review. Anyone who can put a reasonable swing on the ball could use these. Don’t believe this guys hype only the elite. Go and hit them and try them. I loved them from the minute i hit one. I bought them and I was off 18. I’m a weekend golfer and am now off 8. Given what you say I should be 28

  2. I like these irons a lot but when my gf kept hollering at me when I was trying to hit the ball. I finally snapped and choked her but she was ok. she told her dad and her brothers but they didn’t come to my trailer until that weekend and I was redy for them. I aint backing down fromnobody.

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