Fix Your All-Arms Golf Swing

Have you ever been told your golf swing is all arms? Do you often suffer from a lack of distance and consistency? Not to worry, it’s a very common fault, and today we’re going to share with you a great drill to help you feel the proper lower body motion into impact that your swing is missing. For those of you who suffer from this fault, you’re likely thinking that you’re swinging hard, but the ball is not going anywhere. Other’s may be thinking it is in fact a strength issue. The truth is, it’s simply a lack of leveraging your body weight to effectively create power and speed into impact. Here’s a great drill to try to fix this fault.

You don’t need a club, and start off in your address position as shown in the video below. Next swing your trailing arm back, while keeping your front hand at address – this helps you coil your upper body, and helps you feel the tension a good coil creates. This is an ideal “at the top” position that you should really try to emulate on every swing. Next is the downswing, and this is where your specific “all-arms” problem comes into play. In this drill, the point is to drive your trailing hand hard down towards your other hand with your entire body. The visual of the wall is really important here. As you come into impact, your whole body needs to be dynamic and moving towards the target – this is the key to getting more power at impact, and a more consistent and reliable swing. Practice this drill and you should begin to move away from your all-arms swing.

Give it a shot!


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  1. Awesome tip for improving your golf swing. I am suffering from this problem and your post gave me an ‘Aha’ moment. Thanks!

    You might be interested in these golf swing tips that I have on my blog as well.

  2. I showed my brother this tip, and he started hitting his irons with much more authority, and wasn’t scooping his shots trying to get the ball “airborne”. He finally realized after trying out this tip, that hitting down on the ball actually makes the ball get airborne and allows you to hit the ball with so much authority – my brother has had to “club down” on all his yardages – he used to hit 5 iron for 150 yards, now he hits a smooth 7 iron, and it looks effortless. If you’re straggling with your iron play, try this tip…it works!

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