Callaway RAZR X Forged Iron Review

Hey everyone, and thanks for stopping by.  Today we’ve got yet another review for you, this time on the only forged iron Callaway has ever produced.  Let’s get to it.


The RAZR X Forged irons have a classic “players-iron” look and are Callaway’s only forged iron. These are some of the slickest irons that Callaway has ever made, and a nice departure from their bulkier clubs.  They have a satin finish with minimal offset. The first thing I noticed was the increased number of grooves on the club face. Callaway’s Tour CC grooves are designed with 40% more grooves. The irons have a square look with a narrow sole and thin top line. An elite ball striker will really like the appearance, but, while this is a big improvement for Callaway, some other manufacturers have much better looking players irons.


As a player who appreciates a solid blade – the RAZR X forged irons performed as expected. The set I tested featured the Project X 5.5 Rifle shaft. To put it bluntly, these clubs don’t work miracles, you have to have a solid, consistent swing to get the most out of them. On normal swings, I had a mid to high launch, but I really enjoyed how easily I was able to control the trajectory. Knock down shots felt great and were easy to control. In addition, I was able to work the ball fairly consistently. So if you’re looking for an iron that you can hit all over the face and expect to be hitting another from the fairway – go fish on these irons, as they are not for you.  If you are a good player, consistently hit the sweet spot, like feeling when you don’t, and want an exceptionally great feel at impact, this set is for you. I particularly enjoyed how the ball compressed against the club head, impact was crisp.  I found they performed similar to my set, the Ping S57.


The Callaway RAZR X-Forged irons are forged from 1020 carbon steel and produce an amazingly sweet feel at impact. In fact, they are one of the best feeling sets of irons I have hit. With that said, these irons still feature the quintessential “clunk” on off-center hits that all better players expect from gaming players irons. They feel a little rough on a miss and the ball will curve more and lose a little distance. In a nutshell, these irons are designed for better players.  Beginner’s stay well clear of these if you want to improve your game.


The Callaway RAZR X-Forged irons are not for everyone. They are specifically designed for a low handicap player. If you are a double digit handicap I would stay away from this set. There are too many other sets on the market that are easy for a mid or high handicap player to play. Overall, they feel great and perform very well. The X Forged irons are priced accordingly at $899 for a set of 8 irons with steel shafts.


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