Tour Edge JMAX Iron-Wood Hybrid Review

Tour Edge Golf has become a fairly major player in the hybrid wood market as of late. Their JMAX Iron-Wood has a slightly different design than some of the other hybrids available, but it has become a popular choice with golfers.


Take one look at the JMAX Iron-Wood and you will notice one thing right away… it's big! The sole is huge, the top line is fat and it looks more like a stubby driver than a "traditional" hybrid… if there is such a thing. The club is a two-piece construction; a Hyper-Steel body and an extremely thin face. So what's up with the interesting design? The JMAX Iron-Wood is designed to hit the ball high… and it does. The club also has a very high MOI (moment of inertia) which means it stays stable on miss hits. The thing that really separates this club from any other is how it is available in 13 different models. You can get the JMAX from a #1 (16 degree) to a LW (60 degree). I have had a few customers get complete sets of these but the #2, #3, #4 and #5 are probably the most common. The stock shafts are decent and are good for an intermediate player. There are some custom options available but I don't think I have ever needed to look at them.


Customer reaction to these is mixed. Players that have a really hard time getting their longer irons up in the air absolutely love them. Players that like irons but want to add a hybrid to replace a long iron tend to shy away from them. Most intermediate players like them and the price will not scare many people away. Industry people (like myself) like them because of the number of different ones available… flexibility is a nice thing to have! Tour Edge has something good here but I think the JMAX Iron-Wood is in need of a makeover before it can join the next echelon of hybrids.


Overall Rating – 70%


Target Handicap: Anyone that has a hard time hitting their longer irons


Ball Flight: High


Numbers and Lofts: 1 (16), 2 (18), 3 (21), 4 (24), 5 (27), 6 (30), 7 (33), 8 (37), 9 (41), PW (45), AW (51), SW (54), LW (60)


Shafts: Tour Edge steel, Tour Edge graphite


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