The Hip Coil Drill

One of the most common power leaks in the golf swing is an over-active lower body. For some players, instead of coiling their body to generate power, they resort to sliding their hips laterally. This fault is a huge contributor to inconsistency at impact, and often big swooping block slices. If you’ve ever stepped up to a ball and let go a huge block fade – this drill is likely for you. Another term for this fault is called “getting ahead of the ball”. In a nutshell, as you swing back, your lower body slides back with the backswing laterally, and as you swing down into impact you often slide forward and clear your hips too early leaving the club wide open at impact. Some players (with wrists of steel) can even see a snap hook from this fault.

This simple drill is a great way to stabilize your lower body and return some consistency to your game. By limiting the amount of lateral movement in your lower body, your body can coil and your swing can better sequence itself resulting in a more consistent impact position. Everyone knows the key to playing this game is consistency and reliability in your swing. Another plus from using this drill are the power benefits. The simple act of stabilizing your right side (righties anyway) will help you coil your upper body better, resulting in a better transfer of energy to the ball at impact. Grab a shaft and give this drill a try – you won’t want to miss it.


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