Innovex System RLS Hybrid Review

Innovex Golf is a company that you can expect to hear more from in the not-too-distant future. They have some interesting new ideas in creating their newest line of golf clubs; the System RLS.

Not only have the System RLS clubs been designed differently but they are also available directly from Innovex Golf at wholesale prices. This means the customer can get a good product at a low price.

When I first looked at pictures of the RLS Hybrid I thought it was nothing more than a TaylorMade Rescue knock-off. When I had the opportunity to see and hit it in person however it became quite obvious that the RLS has a unique design of its own. The head is quite compact but with a fairly deep face. It is actually very nice to look at and I think most traditionalists would enjoy the design. Like all other hybrid style clubs, the RLS is designed to produce a high ball flight but give golfers more accuracy than they get from a fairway wood. The head is constructed with 15-5 Stainless Steel and is built for durability and distance. It has a wide sole designed to prevent digging or "fat" shots and to enhance its low center of gravity. The club comes available in I-Steel or Mercury Graphite shafts. The shafts are a little bit on the weak side but would be okay for the higher handicap player.


The RLS Hybrid had a very solid feel and the ball seemed to come off the face pretty hot. Despite the fact that the compact head size is not the most confidence inspiring, the RLS actually has a high moment of inertia and a big sweet spot. One of the features I like the most is that the loft and length match up perfectly with the iron that it is supposed to replace. This takes all the guesswork out of the equation when trying to determine which hybrid will best fit into your set. The only downsides are that the head may be a little on the small side and the shafts could definitely be upgraded but for the price (under 70 USD each), the RLS Hybrid is a pretty difficult club to beat.


Overall Rating – 80%


Target Handicap: Mid to High


Ball Flight: High


Lofts: 18, 22, and 27 degree


Shafts: I-Steel Stepless Shaft (Regular or Stiff) or Mercury Performance Plus Graphite (Ladies, Senior, Regular, or Stiff)

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