TaylorMade RBZ Rescue Review


RBZ Rescue-Hybrid-ReviewBy now most players that see “white” think TaylorMade. This is becoming more than a fad, and looks as though its going to stick around for quite some time. The white and black colors of the RBZ Rescue make alignment easy, and in all honestly, look great over the ball. What can I say? I’m a fan of the white look.

The RBZ hybrid features a sole-positioned Speed Pocket behind the clubface that is designed to increase ball speed (a feature you see on top of the club for Adams’ line). The center of gravity is positioned low and forward to increase launch but decrease spin. Consistent with other TaylorMade hybrids, the RBZ looks great and is slightly larger than the average hybrid. I tested a stiff 19-degree 3-hybrid Rescue, D4 swing weight (standard across the entire line) with the stock RBZ 65 shaft.


Of the entire RBZ line, the Rescue hybrid was by far my favorite, and that’s saying something considering how big a fan I was of the fairway wood and driver. Similar to the other clubs in this line, the ball jumps off the clubface. The RBZ produces a high and penetrating ball flight. Distance was fantastic with this hybrid, and was easily a club longer than my current 19-degree hybrid. Most people are searching for a club they can hit straight, and the RBZ hybrid is super easy to keep on line. Even on off-center hits the ball would straighten out mid flight and stay on line rather than spray. From medium rough, and even the sand, this club performed admirably. Easily one of the best hybrids I have ever hit and I would feel completely confident putting it in my bag.

In my opinion, TaylorMade hit a home run with the RBZ hybrid. While I don’t have Dustin Johnson’s length, I did pick up about 15 yards with the 3 hybrid. It changes the distance gap in my bag so I will have to look at different lofts on my other clubs to find the right fit (a strategy TaylorMade likely had all along, haha).


This club has a unique combination of a heavier clubhead and lightweight shaft that makes it feel great in my hands. It is very easy to feel where the club is throughout the swing. Impact is very solid, and the ball feels hot off the ace. If I had anything negative to say, it would be that off-center hits feel just about as solid as pured shots, which for me, is an issue. I like to feel when I miss-hit a shot, as I get feedback on what I need to do to fix the problem. Other than that, the RBZ Rescue is a real game changer and anyone looking for a hybrid should definitely give it a try.


With its impeccable performance, accuracy and playability, the RBZ Rescue is likely one of the best hybrids out on the market today – it’s no wonder it got a gold rating on the Golf Digest’s Hot list. The new RBZ line also features some cool technology that should help players of all skill levels shave a few strokes off their game. For the combination of technology and performance, the price tag seems like a bargain at only $179.

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