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Taylormade RBZ Speed Driver ReviewLooks

TaylorMade continues the trendy white finish in the Rocketballz line, the newest addition to the TaylorMade family. The RBZ replaces the Burner Superfast 2.0 driver. And in my books, is an upgrade in appearance, I never liked looking down at the Burner 2.0. It had an odd shape, looked huge, and I always felt like I would hook off the golf course. The RBZ is much more compact, sleeker, traditional shape design that appeals to my eye more. TaylorMade designed the RBZ to make it one of the longest and most forgiving drivers on the market. The Flight Control Technology of the RBZ allows players to alter face angle, loft and lie angle for increased accuracy and distance – which basically means, there is an RBZ option for you. The contrast between the black face and white finish, with a slim bit of lime looks fantastic. I tested out a stiff 9.5 driver with the Matrix X-Con5 shaft.



Okay, well the RBZ 3-wood line is legally able to claim a 17 yard increase, so I will admit I was skeptical about the driver – who needs a driver when you can hit a 3-wood the same distance right? I was not disappointed as the RBZ Driver basically performed as advertised. The biggest surprise was on the first swing. Seniors beware, this club is LOUD. Yet, the sound should hardly deter players from auch a solid driver. I found my best drives held a mid to high trajectory. My carry distance is easily as far as my current driver, if not farther. My misses generally produced a higher ball flight, yet still went fairly straight. The flight control technology allows players alter ball flight, and I was able to see this in action as I tested out varying lofts, lie angles and face angles. The RBZ is consistently accurate and players of all ability levels will appreciate how easy and consistent it produces straight shots. The RBZ driver is another club I would feel confident putting in my bag.


Well, we all know how big of a factor sound is in the feel of a club – and without a doubt I can say the RBZ makes some noise, but it’s almost too loud. With that said, I love how the ball jumps off the face, and how solid off-center hits feel. This driver had a fantastic gear effect that helped keep poor hits from going sideways, and generally kept them pretty close to the fairway. The weighting feels great and the clubface feels easy to square through impact.


I have to hand it to TaylorMade, as this new line not only is packed with technology, but it also comes at a price point that won’t break the bank. The RBZ’s Flight Control Technology allows players to adjust the performance angles of the RBZ driver to one of eight settings. These settings allow a range of launch conditions that promote up to 60 yards of side-to-side trajectory adjustment. Although this may be a overwhelming for the average player, there is no doubt that there is an adjustment that can fit just about any swing out there. The MSRP price tag of $299 will be very attractive to golfers. You really can’t beat this price – and the RBZ should definitely be on your radar if your in the market for a new big stick.

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  1. Just purchased tge RBZ driver! I went more off instinct than feel. However I am finding that I am now drawing the ball more than ever! Is there anyways one can change club head to eliminate this!?

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