The Back-Knee Sway Power Leak

A weak back knee triggers one of the most common power-leaks in the golf swing. We often see this fault in individuals who, in their search for a bigger turn, have flared out their back foot. Without a stable back knee, as you swing back, your body weight can shift too far towards your back foot, this move will make it very difficult to return to the ball with any consistency and power. A strong back knee allows you to coil properly, while shifting your weight to maximize your power into impact.


This simple drill is very effective at correcting this “over-active” lower body fault. By knocking your back knee inward, and squaring up your stance you immediately can feel the tension and torque this creates as you make your backswing. This feeling is what you’ll want to emulate on all your swings going forward. Personally, I have added a little knee-knock into my swing routine right before I take the club away. This little trick ensures that my body remains centered and I coil properly for every swing. See the video below for a more in-depth explanation on this drill – and don’t forget to give it a try if you’re suffering from a lack of distance due to an over-active lower body!

WARNING: We wouldn’t recommend going all-out hitting balls with this drill, as it does put a lot of pressure on your knee. Swing at 50% or less if you’re hitting balls.


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  1. Great Post. I agree completely and getting a stable lower body provides a great foundation for the golf swing. I like to use a drill for my turn of actually hitting shots off a tee from my knees. This takes the entire lower body out of it and helps you really work on your turn without messing with your lower body action.

  2. As I review these very helpful videos I think it should be kept in mind that some are used as a drill only. In this case I am reminded of the recommendations made by Sam Sneed in his golf book. The right foot should be square to the line and the left foot turned 1/4. He goes into why that is the case. While there are other positions associated with ball control, the above are basic to the setup.

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