Callaway RAZR X Hybrid Review

Callaway RAZR X Hybrid ReviewHybrids are here to stay. Their ability to replace long irons, and help golfers of all skill levels hit more consistent, dependable shots from 180+ yards out has helped a ton of golfers play a better game. The recipe for a solid hybrid is pretty simple – mix in forgiveness and playability with a touch of good looks and you’re off to the races. Callaway’s RAZR X hybrid features a traditional shape, designed to help get the ball airborne, and stop quickly upon landing and was already awarded Gold in the hybrid category on Golf Digest’s Hot List for 2012.  Without further ado, here is our independent review of the Callaway RAZR X Standard Hybrid.  Enjoy!


The RAZR line features a classic black finish that completely contrasts TaylorMade’s all white club heads. I was testing the standard version of the RAZE X Hybrid which features a stainless steel club head construction with a slight off-set, the tour version has less of an offset to promote better workability. The leading edge and sole design helps the club perform well from any type of lie – from tight fairway to deep rough. The club has a solid design and just screams “easy-to-hit” at address.



Golfers should expect to see a high and straight ball flight with the Razr X hybrid – if I had to describe this club in two words, they would be: consistent and dependable. The club gets the ball up in the air quickly and the ball continues along this boring trajectory. While most balls go fairly straight you can work the ball in either direction as needed. If you’re struggling to work the ball with this club – consider switching to the Tour model for more workability. One feature I enjoyed with the Razr X hybrid was how soft the ball landed, which really helps distance control. If I have any complaints, it would be in the distance department, I was expecting more distance considering what I saw from the RAZR X Driver. Although I might have gained a yard or two, it was not significant enough to notice. Players who spray the ball could definitely benefit from the consistency of this club, and would likely see some lower scores as a result of more shots hitting fairways and greens.


One aspect I enjoyed on the Razr X hybrid was the forgiveness. The club appeared to have a large sweet spot as off-center hits, while noticeable, still felt solid. Impact makes somewhat of a “thud” sound, but this shouldn’t deter anyone from giving this hybrid a fair shot.

Technology & Value

After easily gaining 15 yards from the Razr X driver I was really excited to give the Razr X hybrid a try. Unfortunately, the hybrid did not yield the same type of results in distance. While it was very solid and dependable, I hit the hybrid about the same as others on the market. However, the club is consistent and should help players keep the ball in play. The price is directly in line with other hybrids from the big manufacturers, but technology-wise, this new hybrid does non have much “wow-factor”.

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