2-Ball Shank Drill

Shanks have a variety of causes, but nearly all of them are swing path related. Whether you shank the ball by coming over the top, or letting the club drift away from you at impact – your swing path is ultimately the source of your problems. In this drill, we focus on a shank that is caused by a club that is travelling along an in to out swing path into the ball. This fault is most commonly caused by a poor weight shift, improper wrists rotation through impact, or a poor impact position (especially with the shoulders).


In this drill we are attempting to train your swing path to travel on an out to in path, and bring the club inwards towards your body as you approach impact. By setting up two balls as shown, starting your address position at the outside one, and then swinging to hit the inside one, you’ll start getting your swing on a better path.  If your swing creeps back to it’s old routine, you’ll hit the outside ball and have instant feedback of your fault. Good luck with this drill – enjoy!


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