Ping i20 Iron Review

ping-i20-iron-reviewHi everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we’ve got another review to share of the phenomenal look i20 irons by Ping.  This review has got me particularly excited to try these new irons.  Ping has outdone themselves on these sleek, and drool-inducing new line.  Enjoy the review below!

The Ping i20 irons are design as a progressive set of irons with a low glare satin finish – this basically means, the long irons have a slight offset, while the shorter irons do not. These multi-material irons utilize tungsten weights in the toe for better forgiveness on off-center shots and a “Custom Tuning Port” in the sole to help optimize launch conditions at impact. Finally Ping introduced a stabilizing bar, said to improve control and feel. Players who care about the appearance of a club will enjoy the sleek appearance with a thinner top line and sole. In my opinion, the only way you get a better looking set of irons is a blade.

Update: We tested the stiff flex, stock Ping CFS shafts in these irons.

The Ping i20 irons are ideal for a player with a single digit handicap, however, a mid handicap player can also get away with them because of their forgiveness. The distance of these irons was pretty routine, in my opinion – nothing spectacular. But a contributing factor here may be that Ping has pretty standard lie angle, length and lofts on their irons. This set is all about precision, consistency and playability. Working the ball came rather naturally on these clubs, and the distance of each iron was pretty consistent.

The i20’s offered a consistent and accurate flight, with a piercing trajectory. If precision and accuracy are important in your irons this is a great match. If you’re looking to gain yardage, there may be a better set for you. But perhaps the old saying of which is better, a 200 yard down the middle every time or a 300 yard drive down the middle half the time, should help some of you in your decision making. Accuracy in this game outperforms distance. If you’re in the market for more distance, you may want to try the G20 irons instead, but be prepared for a significant decrease in playability.

The Ping i20 irons offer exceptional feel and control. The long irons are super easy to hit while the short irons are easy to control. They perform very nicely around the green and difficult lies (rough, thin lies) out on the course. They feel sweet on contact and, even toe or heel hits have a solid yet distinctive feel.

As a golf professional and low handicap player I would feel extremely comfortable putting the i20’s in my bag. In fact, the Ping i20 irons will be in play for several tour players on the PGA, LPGA and several other professional tours. Consumers should be able to find a set of eight irons for around $800, which is right in line with the competition. Be sure to go through the fitting process before you purchase any set of Ping irons.



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