The Backswing Sequence

Learning the proper sequencing of the backswing takes time and plenty of practice. Many players, in attempts to combat a slice, revert to a swing that use very little body, and lots of arms. These types of swings are characterized by a complete lack of weight shift, poor contact, and a suffer dramatic power loss. If you find yourself at the top of your backswing with the club very close to your shoulders – you’re likely a victim of this fault.



Alternatively, if you’re working on getting your body more involved in the swing in attempts for more power, you may be on the other end of this spectrum. Rather than turning and coiling your body weight around your centre, you in fact are sliding your hips. This often leads to inconsistent contact and blocked shots. In the video below, we show you a drill that will help you understand and feel the proper sequencing of the body and backswing. By ensuring your body is always facing your club as you swing back to the top, you can be sure that your hands will never outpace your body, or vice versa.

This sequencing is required to build the consistency in your swing to take it to the next level. Check it out.

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