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The Torrey Pines North Course was recently presented with the possibility of having a facelift, by none other than Phil Mickelson himself. The city of San Diego is mulling over the possibility, and I’m sure it’s a tempting one considering he is offering to do it for free.
In this article, many golf professionals were asked what they would change to make the course better. While some said “leave it as is, others suggested, as you might suspect, lengthening the course, moving up the bunkers and so on. I have to ask, the Torrey Pines South Course was built to test the best players in the game, while the North, was built more for the public… why is this proposal even being considered?
The reason the bunkers are not in play for the pros, is because the course is not built for pros. It was built for the people playing on it during the other 51 weeks of the year. Maybe I’m over-reacting, this is just a proposal after-all, and who could say no to Phil? But as the saying goes… if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. There are plenty of golf courses out there that have alienated the average golfer because they are built to host tournaments. This is a shame. And turning the North Course into a sister of the South would be even moreso.
Golf needs to be a game for the masses, not a select few. There are enough “player’s courses” out there, and I truly hope that the North Course never becomes one.
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