The Swing Path Pump Drill

Your swing path is one of the major contributors to the starting direction of your golf shot. Getting your swing to the point where your swing path is consistent is one of the best ways to take your game to the next level. This consistency helps eliminate pull and pushes from your swing, and helps you improve your overall ball striking. Sometimes, visualizing the proper path is difficult – that’s why today we’re sharing with you this great drill that enables you to “see” your path more effectively.


Setup one club/shaft outside the ball to represent your target line; next, setup another shaft, parallel to the first one, but three balls distance away from your trailing foot (use the video below as your guide). This drill works best when the sun is highest in the sky, because you can also use shadows to gauge your swing path.

Now it’s time to check your path – watch the video below as well for a deeper explanation. As you swing back, you’ll want to make sure your club is aligned parallel to the shaft off your trailing foot. Repeat this on the way down. Be sure to move your body as if you were swinging for this drill – don’t cheat and only use your arms. Once you have a feel for the correct positioning – it’s time to start the pump drill. Address the ball, and swing to the top, as you swing down, stop and check the clubs positioning, then go back to the ball and repeat the same “check”, finally, follow-through impact and finish.

Repeat this drill as many times as you need to develop a feeling for a proper swing path.

This drill is one of the most effective ways to visualize your swing path and it’s direction.  Give it a shot, and take your game to the next level!

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