Ping K15 Fairway Wood Review

Hi everyone, thanks for stopping by.  Today we’ll share with you a review from an independent reviewer for the Ping K15 fairway woods.  This forgiving and effortless 3 wood made quite the impression on our reviewer.  See more details below.  Are you a fan of the K15? Or do you loath it? Share your review below!



The Ping K15 3 wood is one of the friendliest fairway woods to hit. The K15 could be classified as a game improvement club, yet even low handicapped players will benefit from its forgiveness. The club produces a high launch angle and ball flight which is great for more carry – even from tight lies. With such a high trajectory the K15 produces minimal roll upon landing – which would allow a player to become more aggressive in from 200+ yards out. One negative to all this forgiveness and accuracy is the inability work the ball easily – both left and right and in terms f trajectory.

A low handicap player might experience a very minimal loss of distance with the K15 due to high launch and ball flight.  However, a high handicap player with inconsistent ball flight might increase distance by improving their accuracy with the K15. Personally, I am willing to give up a few yards for the accuracy the K15 offers. Overall, I rate the clubs performance at a 9 out of 10. It hits the ball high and straight, a recipe for lower scores.


If you currently struggle with fairway woods you might want to try the Ping K15. The Ping K15 produces an exceptional feel through impact. The club has a swing weight of D1, similar to other 3 woods on the market. The shallow face provides a large sweet spot and encourages the ball to jump off face at impact. Even on off-center hits you still get accurate shots with a high launch angle and ball flight. Players will enjoy the feel consistent feel on the club face, whether on the toe, heel or sweet spot. The Ping K15 rates in at 9 out of 10 again in the feel department (I’m a big fan of this club).


What dollar value can you place on a club that feels automatic? Some clubs on the market will potentially give you more distance, but I will gladly sacrifice a few yards for the accuracy the K15 offers. Many people struggle with a 3 wood, especially hitting it from tight fairway lies. In my opinion, the confidence that the K15 delivers is priceless. The retail price of the Ping K15 3-Wood is a measly $199.99.  When coupling this low price point with the clubs forgiveness and feel – it should be on anyone’s radar in the 3-wood market. Value grade: 10 out of 10.


Players will feel confident looking down at the K15 fairway wood. It features an elongated club face and 199 cc oversize head. The shallow face positions the weight farther back for a lower center of gravity. The oversize head might be a turn off for a low handicap player searching for the traditional fairway wood shape. The classic grey/black finish with an alignment mark – Callaway’s classic devil marking are timeless.  Overall in looks, I rate it a 8 out of 10.

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