Callaway's Patent Duo

Hey everyone, Callaway’s got a couple of patents out there that are worth sharing with you all from our friend Dave Dawsey at

First up, Callaway’s trademarked the name “PARADOX” for a new golf ball. Most high-end balls could be considered paradoxes these days anyway, with their ability to reduce spin on driver shots, and amp it up for short irons. Cool name regardless, I’m looking forward to testing this new ball out… if of course it makes it to market.

Lastly, Callaway also has a patent in the works that was originally “un-published”. This patent shows an iron with staggered grooves designed to increase spin. The staggering apprently gets a higher ball-groove ratio than normal grooves that effectively increases spin rates. Take that USGA!


Source: Golf Inventions, Patents, and Technology via The IP Golf Guy (aka The Golf Patent Attorney): Bringing Adjustability to the Golf Ball

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