Titleist 910F Fairway Wood Review


Titleist 910F Fairway Wood ReviewIf you are into technology, then the Titleist 910F 15 degree fairway wood will not disappoint. The Titleist 910F utilizes Titleist SureFit Technology which allows you to adjust the hosel to sixteen different positions that change the loft and lie of the club. The SureFit technology allows you to alter your desired trajectory, spin rate and shot pattern.

Set in the standard, A-1 position, the club will provide a mid ball flight with better than average distance. The standard A-1 position is set at .5 degrees open, which will benefit anyone concerned with turning the ball over too much. Players can decrease loft by -.75 degrees or increase loft by as much as +1.5 degrees. Face angle can be set anywhere from 1.5 degrees open to 1.5 degrees closed. Finally, the lie angle can change from +1.5 degrees upright to -.75 degree flat. Cool adjustability!

Off center hits still feel good and solid, yet the results are less forgiving. The 910F allows players to really shape their shots. The smaller clubface makes the club a little less forgiving than some other clubs on the market. However, the adjusting features allow you to really pinpoint any desired distance gaps for a 15 degree fairway wood.

The Titleist 910F is more suited to lower handicap players looking to have more control over trajectory and shot shaping. Players who suffer from inconsistencies and struggle to control the ball (distance, direction and trajectory) may be better off with more of a game improvement fairway wood.

Overall, I would rate the performance of the Titleist 910F at an 8 out of 10.



The 910F provides a firm feeling and dull cracking sound at impact. The smaller club head and higher profile allow you to dig the ball out of moderate length rough. The club also feels very solid off the tee. The 910F provides good feedback on contact and rates in well with me with a 9 out of 10.


The Titleist 910F 3 wood is a perfect club for someone looking to work the ball. It is one of the most technologically advanced fairway woods on the market as few others offer such a varying degree of adjustability. It is a great club for someone looking to take advantage of the adjustable features. However, the 910F is one of the most expensive fairway woods on the market at $249.99. The price will be a turnoff for some potential buyers. Overall, the clubs technology and price balance out at rating of 7 out of 10 for me.


The 910F fairway wood has a smaller and almost identical look to the 910 driver. It features the traditional pear shape design similar to previous Titleist fairway wood models. Players will enjoy the all black finish. Also, the 910F has a smaller compact head, which will appeal to players who prefer the traditional fairway look. The Titleist 910F looks great, the appearance rates in at 9 out of 10.

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