New Odyssey Metal-X Putters

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by. We’ve got our first look at a new line-up of Odyssey putters that you may have noticed on Golf Digest’s recent Hot List. This new line, called the Metal X, recently received a gold in both the blade and mallet categories. Golf Digest Hot List’s opinion aside, here’s the details on these new putters:

Both the Metal-X Mallet and Blade putter feature a dual layered aluminum insert with an oval pattern that provides the crisp feedback of a metal striking force, coupled with amazing feel. This a departure from Odyssey’s usual urethane inserts – hopefully the sharper feel of aluminum doesn’t sway some buyers. This line features a Midnight Black finish based on tour recommendations.

Metal-X Putter will be available in retail for April 13th, prices, as per the Hot List as $150 for blades and $180 for mallets.

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