TaylorMade Unveils RocketBallz

Rocketballz. You gotta hand it to TaylorMade’s marketing team… they know how to create a buzz, but from the sounds of things, this new line could be called just about anything… it’s performance is speaking for itself. As the videos we have later in this post will attest to – some pros are seeing a dramatic increase in distance – we’re talking 17 yards here (for their 3 wood). That’s the difference between hitting that par 5 in two, clearing the water – you name it. This new line is expected to be big. TaylorMade will even be splitting sponsorship between this new line and the R11S for tour players this year. It appears though, that the 3 wood of this new line is their real claim to fame, which is now maxed out on COR. We’re excited to test this new line, and see if all the clubs can live up to they hype. TaylorMade rarely disappoints… Here’s the details about the new line, and some videos on performance. Enjoy!

The RocketBallz Driver

As usual, the new RocketBallz driver comes in a standard and Tour model… but at unusual (and refreshing) price points – the standard driver retails for $299, and the tour model at $349. Nice! The standard model is maxed out at 460CC’s, and the Tour is slightly leaner, but with a deeper face. Both feature Matrix Ozik XCON shafts, weight ports and face adjustability.

The RocketBallz Fairway Woods

Previously only achieved for drivers – TaylorMade claims to have now reach COR limits for fairway woods with the RocketBallz line. The Rocketballz line are slightly lighter than the new R11S woods, despite having larger heads and deeper faces. TaylorMade also took a page out of Adams book, and added what they call a “speed pocket” to amp up ball speed and distance. This new fairway woods come in three versions… standard ($229), tour ($229) and TP ($329) and also feature Matrix Ozik XCON shafts. Also be sure to check out the video below, that show these new fairway woods in action….

The RocketBallz Hybrids

The RocketBallz hybrid line comes in two versions a standard and tour and both feature the “speed pocket” technology. The tour model is smaller, built slightly open and toe heavy to combat draws and pulls. The standard model retails at $179, with a 65-gram graphite shaft, the tour version retails at $229 with a nice shaft upgrade.

The RocketBallz Irons

The RocketBallz line consists of two new iron sets both the RocketBallz and Rocketballz Max and are designed to help get the ball airborne. The Max line-up features a progressive set, that dramatically repositions weight where you need to (it reminds me of a combo set). The 3-5 iron have hollow-bodies, where the mid and short irons don’t. The Max line up retails around $1299 (not confirmed yet). The standard RocketBallz irons cost only $699 for steel, $899 for graphite. Gotta love these price points.

The RocketBallz Story and Tour Testing

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